Email for Middle School Students


On Thursday, November 5, all Middle School students will be provided an IUSD email (

Students will access their email through Office 365 (similar to staff). For security and privacy reasons, these email accounts will be more restricted than staff email accounts.

Student Email Project Details

  • Middle School students (including 6th graders in K-8 schools) will be provided an IUSD email address on November 5, 2020. The email address will be identical to each student’s IUSD userid (e.g.,
  • Students will access email through Office 365 online ( with their standard IUSD username and password. Detailed instructions are available in our Support Center.
  • To comply with student online protection and privacy laws, student email will have some limitations:
    • Students will not be able to send or receive email to addresses that are not also For example, they will be able to email teachers from their IUSD email address, but not their parents.
    • Students will not be able to forward mail to a personal account.
    • Students will not appear in the Global Address Book (staff will need to know students’ email addresses to send email to them).
    • Students will not be able to use IUSD email to sign up for outside services (e.g., educational or gaming sites that are not part of the IUSD core curriculum).