In accordance with Senate Bill 98, we will be taking attendance daily during the live synchronous sessions.

Elementary Attendance information

If your child is absent, please contact your school site to report the absence.

IVA uses the following attendance codes:

  • J - The student is disengaged or absent from instruction without a valid excuse. This is an unexcused absence.
  • O - The student is able to complete their work asynchronously. This must be approved by the teacher.
  • H - The student has technical difficulties and can’t access the internet. This is an excused absence and must be reported to the school site attendance line.

Other types of excused absences (illness) are still applicable during virtual instruction, however, they must be reported to your student’s school site.

Unexcused absences may generate attendance letters and count toward the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) process.

Middle and High School Attendance Information

For middle and high school IVA, if your student is not able to attend class, please report the absence to our attendance line (949) 936-7400 and follow the prompts to leave a message. Additionally, each evening our automated system will send you a message regarding an absence and you can respond through the message system with the reason.

This year teachers are able to change an absence to "engaged" when a student completes the missed work for a class meeting. A student should communicate with the teacher through office hours regarding this and a teacher will submit the change to the office. Please provide us a few days to complete this after a student has contacted the teacher and completed the work.

Justified Absence Form

In accordance with Education Code and IUSD Board Policy, parents/guardians must submit for approval absences that that fall under the category of justifiable personal reasons.

Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 5113 (7c); Education Code 48205

Written verification by the parent/guardian and the approval of the principal or designated site administrator, justifiable personal reasons including, but not limited to:

  • a. Appearance in court
  • b. Attendance at a funeral service
  • c. Observation of a holiday or ceremony of his/her religion
  • d. Attendance at religious retreats not to exceed four hours per semester
  • e. Attendance at an employment conference
  • f. Attendance at an educational conference offered by a nonprofit organization on the legislative or judicial process

The absence will be marked excused upon approval by the principal or designated site administrator and the attendance office will be notified.

Justifiable Personal Reason Absence Written Verification Form